Welcome to the About Page of the Nerd Cult!

You must be here to learn about the Inner Circle. If you weren’t then you wouldn’t have found this page or even took the time to read what information the Grand Master wants to be shared with you all. Perhaps one day he might be looking for some new additions to the fold.

Nerd Cult Online was the brain child of our enigmatic leader whom we refer to only as the Grand Master or simply just Master. If you knew his true name it is likely you already know him by name. Only the Inner Circle knows his true identity and they have all signed the Non-Disclosure Agreements. His goal is to share the best of nerd culture with the world while enjoying the finest wines.

Editor-in-Chief/Master of Ceremonies | Jake Combs: Jake is the Editor-in-Chief of PopNerdTV and has been a professional writer for over 20 years. Throughout this time he has written several short stories, comics, and even a novel. When he’s not writing professionally he is an avid comic book reader, gamer, father and the host of our weekly web series Table Talk on YouTube.

  • Master of Ale| Drunkenspidey: 2 Time Ultima Online Million Gold Piece Fight Gauntlet Winner, Atlantic Server
  • 2002 CAL League, Return To Castle Wolfenstein Champion
  • Member of first Guild to be banned from EverQuest.
  • I have 7 cats, 1 pitbull, 12 fish in a pond, around 10 frogs.
  • I like to double space after periods.  Like that, even if it pisses off my editor.

Master of Revelations| Lord Kairo: High grand poobah of behind the scenes nerdom. Specialize in superhero powers and biographies as well as tons of useless knowledge. Friendly neighborhood meme supplier and sarcasm connoisseur. I am not a car Dodge.

Master of Holy Scriptures| Odiumar: I’ve been collecting comic books for over 30 years. My collection is bigger than yours, my collection is worth more than yours and I’ve been in a Spider-Man movie. Thou shalt not dispute me on anything comic book related!