Blitz Bowl Season 2- Dwarves vs Humans!

Blitz Bowl

It’s time to hit the pitch with a second season of Blitz Bowl from Games Workshop and sold in book stores!

Who’s up for a game of Football (and I don’t mean European Football)? Either those crickets are pretty loud right now or I’m asking the wrong group of people. For those of us that don’t enjoy watching the American game of Football or playing for that matter there is a game where we can actually enjoy the sport but scratch our table top itches as well and that is Blood Bowl. Games Workshop though has taken a more inclusive approach with trying to bring more people to the hobby with Season 2 of Blitz Bowl!

One of the best things about the parent game Blood Bowl is how a single action can turn one play into several, dice willing of course. This can lead to games where only one player is taking a long turn while the other has to wait a while though. With Blitz Bowl you have three set actions per turn which means that everyone gets equal play. While being more dynamic it is still just as bloody. The biggest difference however is the fact that points can be earned by not just scoring a touchdown but also by completing various objectives. With a faster paced style of play with more opportunities to score this is probably the best version of the Blood Bowl franchise to introduce to your friends.