The Skull-tribe Slaughterers are the latest addition to Blood Bowl!

Skull-tribe Slaughterers

First announced at Gen Con but now the Khorne Skull-tribe Slaughterers have arrived for Blood bowl!

Blood Bowl remains the only sports game of any type I have ever been interested in and the only tabletop sports game I have played. For a game with blood in the name though there is just not enough representation for Khorne, the blood god. Apparently Games Workshop agreed because not only did they release the Skull-tribe Slaughterers, they also sent us a review set to try on the pitch! The very first team I played with the original edition of the game was the original metal team for Chaos and I had painted them to be followers of Khorne. Sadly they did not survive my move to Arizona in ’98. Games Workshop already released two other Chaos themed teams but this is the first that is Khorne specific. Of course my memory of the original game is quite limited and there may have been a Khorne team there and I’ve forgotten but none that my Google skills have found. reference

What makes this team stand out, other than playing dirty, is the fact that they play to win. Not in a sense of achieving victory but because the better they rank then the better foes the fight. Those better foes mean a more glorious kill in the name of their god Khorne.

Here’s how to boost your team using Games Workshop:

This pitch seems to have disappeared from the store itself but I suspect it will return. It is also a must for any Khorne player. This is aesthetics only, no benefit in the game comes from home turf other than a morale boost for the player. Who wouldn’t want to see their opponent squirm looking at this board?

These cards are not entirely essential but to streamline the game the sure as hell are, plus the dirty play cards aren’t found anywhere else I’ve noticed.

Themed dice are always a win in my book but if you’re on a budget they are not necessary. Rumors are that they roll better though…

This was the first issue I’ve ever looked at of Spike and I was amazed at how awesome this is. If you are playing with a team that does not come from a core box then you need this supplement for both the rules and details about the characters. It even has a sample roster for newer players!

How to boost your team with the help of Forge World:

Check out the Bloodspawn- what Khornite coach would not want this monster of a star player. The sculpt alone is intimidating.

For coaches looking for a more unique team can order the Team Booster as well. No special stats, just unique models.

Skull-tribe Slaughterers

Enter Scyla Anfingrimm, another Bloodspawn but one of the most dynamic and amazing Blood Bowl models I have ever seen. I mean look at that Wood Elf player he’s smashing!

Skull-tribe Slaughterers

Lastly we have Max Spleenripper. If his name didn’t tell you everything you needed to know then the model itself will. I have never seen a Blood Bowl player with a chainsword, let alone anyone in the Warhammer Fantasy or Age of Sigmar realms.

With the exception of the Forge World items we were able to receive a review copy of this team and out of the three teams we currently have these are by far our favorite.