Warcry Sundered Fate

Sundered Fate

Warcry returns to Ghur with Sundered Fate where two new warbands will fight for control of the Ravening Ruin. Who will be triumphant?

Warcry Sundered Fate is the second installment of releases centered around Ghur and the area where a Seraphon temple ship has crashed. This is also the second installment to feature one warband from the Grand Alliance of Order- Chameleon Skinks under the name of the Hunters of Huanchi. The Jade Obelisk is a Tzeentch cult that centers around worshipping the voice of the Speaker in the Stone and are the Chaos warband for this starter.

The Gnarlwood is proving to be a the great location away from the Eightpoints and hope that we see more realms and other great locations with future editions. Personally I’m hoping for Aqshy next or Chamon. It seems that Age of Sigmar as a whole is following the same realm and region and once we finish the current planned releases for Warcry in Ghur I predict we will be transitioning to another realm.

This box features two of the best looking and unique warbands we’ve had yet. I have always loved the look of the Seraphon, or Lizardmen for those that are old enough to remember when they first joined the world that was. I am also an avid Chaos player. My son loves Seraphon because who doesn’t love giant lizards? Even better for me is that my youngest is now at the age my son was when I first started playing games with him and absolutely loves anything dinosaur related. That means I now have TWO people in my house I can persuade to play games with me!

Warhammer Underworlds Gnarlwood


Warbands in the world of Warhammer venture deeper into the Heart of Ghur with the latest Warhammer Underworlds: Gnarlwood!

Warhammer Underworlds is one of those titles that never fails to impress me. Players control a warband consisting of only a handful of models and battle for supremacy in a unique setting. Each location comes with a bit of lore about it to explain your reason for fighting there. Each released warband at that time focuses on that specific objective but any Underworlds warband can be used in the latest edition. This box features two new warbands, the Sons of Velmorn and the Gnarlspirit Pack.

The Sons of Velmorn are an undead/Legions of Nagash warband that focuses on the lineage of Velmorn. A skeletal father and his undead children is an amazing concept. Even in death they can’t escape their duties to the family name and I think it’s brilliant. The Gnarlspirit are another Darkoath themed warband driving deeper into the Gnarlwood. What makes them stand apart from other Darkoath characters is that they are almost beasts themselves and some members even change to beasts. This is a level a savagery that some players may not be used to.

The new box focuses on making it even easier for new players to get started, adding even more ways to play. The primary focus being the Rivals format. Nemesis and Relic formats have been added as well. This is in addition to the classic format we know and love. Rival forces you to have a preset deck to make games more balanced and avoid any issues with poorly made decks. Nemesis allows for mixing your warband deck with a universal deck. Lastly Relic allows you draw from your entire collection of cards. Out of the three I prefer Nemesis because I am crap when it comes to deck building. Relic however offers the most promise because the more cards you have at your disposal means the more chances at domination you will have.

Overall this is one of the best editions of the game (if not the best). It features gorgeous new boards, the best looking undead models and new modes to make the game fresh. What are you waiting for? Order now!

Realmscape: Thondian Strongpoint

Thondian Strongpoint

Thondian Strongpoint is the first Realmscape box for the current edition of Age of Sigmar but will it be the last?

It’s not unusual for Games Workshop to release or even release a set of terrain following a current theme. Realmscape: Thondian Strongpoint is no different. What makes this box standout is not the fact that it brings back some of the recent Realmscape Expansion pieces but it adds some brilliant terrain you can’t get anywhere else, at least for now. Beyond these terrain pieces we also get a single model, an Endless Spell that EATS other Endless Spells- the Krondspine Incarnate. In a recent event where¬†Alarielle completed her Rite of Life the Incarnates were created, further proving the realms themselves are alive. The Krondspine Incarnate itself is the spirit of Ghur and the Realm of Beasts is hungry.

At $220 USD this box got a lot of negative attention from the community because most that wanted it only wanted the Incarnate and for a single model Endless Spell that price is quite excessive. Kitbashing is always an option for those players but this is a bad ass model as it is. Despite how awesome the model looks this brings me to my real complaint with the box- the Incarnate. For an Endless Spell it looks fantastic but other than the head of it, nothing really screams “Realm of Beasts” about it. I feel like the spirit of Ghur should be some sort of massive beast, like a Mawcrusha or even the Hell Pit Abomination. Both of which would be a better fit as the spirit of Ghur. What I would have preferred would have been a living version of the giant skeleton that came with this box, a massive serpent monster would have been the perfect Krondspine Incarnate. This model itself looks like it would be a better fit as the spirit of Shyish.

Time will tell if we see other Realmscape boxes and I sincerely hope we see more as we expand into the other realms but I doubt we will see it happen at least until next year at the earliest. The reason is because of all of the Ghur themed terrain coming for Warcry over the next year. When we see them expand into other realms I hope we see more awoken Incarnates.