Warcry Warband Focus Featuring the Splintered Fang

Splintered Fang

Welcome to the another installment of a our series where we will be focusing on one of the exclusive Chaos Warbands from Warcry. This time we will be discussing the Splintered Fang!

The Splintered Fang come from the Realm of Life (Ghyran) in the jungles of Indvidia. They worship at the feet (they likely don’t really have feet) of the Coiling Ones.  Their goal is find remnants of their slain deity, Nagendra and primarily use poisons and serpents in battle.

Like the Untamed Beasts, the Splintered Fang is one of the more versatile factions. Some of their units have a decent defense. They generally move quickly and can even perform some strong attacks. Even better they THROW SNAKES!

Their most defining feature has to be their poisons. Their ability Paralyzing Venom can add up to 6 damage bonus to an attack and on occasion immobilize their enemies. One of the most surprising things they offer is that even their shields can stab and can be used to finish opponents. The biggest downside to this team is the fact that the box only comes with a single snake swarm and to be more dynamic you will need two or three.

On aesthetics alone this is my favorite of the Warcry factions. Here is a link to the Warhammer Community article about them as well!