Warcry: Harbingers of Destruction enter the Eightpoints

Harbingers of Destruction

Grand Alliances have joined Warcry in a big way with faction books and we are discussing Harbingers of Destruction!

As many players of Warhammer Age of Sigmar are already aware there are four Grand Alliances- Death, Chaos, Order and Destruction. As such you can combine units from different factions due to those keywords allowing for a much more dynamic and varied army. Doing this however loses some cohesion as some armies work better with faction specific abilities and similar visual aesthetics. Harbingers of Destruction strives to do the same thing for Warcry with the Destruction Grand Alliance but due to the small force size the decreased cohesion is less noticeable.

This book features updated versions of all the cards previously released in both card packs and the various faction boxes. Additionally it features heroes and allies you can include in your warband. Your warband as a whole cannot mix and match across all the factions but the heroes and allies are the real feature of this book. Previously in the Monsters and Mercenaries book each faction added a couple mercenaries that could be taken alongside your warband.

For anyone interested in expanding their game with a few choice models to outfit your warband or to try something new these books are a must for your collection.