Invocations – A Warhammer Horror anthology


Invocations is a Warhammer Horror Anthology from the Black Library and features such names as C L Werner and David Annandale!

Invocations is a collection of horror stories, most of which are exclusive to this collection, while four were previously released as ebook short stories. Perhaps my favorite story from the list was From The Halls, The Silence which took us back to Solus as a followup to The House of Night and Chain. The original tale had a solid ending that still left me with questions and this tale resolved some of them.

The worlds of Warhammer 40k have always had a tendency to fall along the lines of horrific between the machinations of Chaos or the terrifying swarms of the Tyranid. This means that these stories must be absolutely dreadful to be labeled as Horror. Many of these stories however are about on par from what we’ve come to expect from the Black Library but a few definitely pushed the envelope a bit further. This is the second Horror anthology and also the second contains both Warhammer Fantasy AND Warhammer 40k stories. Overall this book is a great read when you are looking for easier to digest stories. These stories still kick some major ass despite their length.

Here’s the full story and author list (some of which were previously released by the Black Library as short stories outside of this collection):

The Hunt by David Annandale

The Confession of Convict Kline by Justin D Hill

He Feasts Forever by Lora Grayv

Stitches by Nick Kyme

The Healer by Steven Shiel

Blood Sacrifice by Peter McLean

The Growing Seasons by Richard Strachan

Supplication by Jake Ozga

From the Halls, the Silence by David Annandale

A Sending from the Grave by C L Werner

Flesh and Blood by Ray Cluley

The Summons of Shadows by David Annandale