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Chaos Knights Army Box

Chaos Knights

It wasn’t long ago that Chaos Knights first came to Warhammer 40k but with this boxset they join the new edition and add psychic powers!

The new Chaos Knights Army Box features the new Chaos Knight kit, allowing you to make the Knight Abominant, Desecrator or a Rampager. The latter two are options from the previous version of the Knights and are exactly as they were in this kit but adding the pieces to upgrade to the Abominant. Of the three options the Abominant is the most stunning and I love the massive bone tusks coming from the helmet, not to mention the psychic abilities. The box comes with two other models- War Dogs that offer both melee and ranged capabilities.

Besides the amazing models this box also has transfer sheets, datacards and the collector’s edition of the Codex. Sadly this box as it was is no longer available for purchase but there have been some third party sellers offering it recently. The value on this box, assuming you can still find one, is fantastic. I only wish that we continue to see boxed releases like this going forward!