Howdy y’all, ole Jack here for your sports card collecting update.

I have been collecting for all my life. I have seen trends and rode them dry… this current trend is setting all sports on fire. Its name is Prizm, a product of Panini America and printed in the USA.

Let’s get into this starting with ANY PRIZM you may or may not own base to base, $ to $, hands down is worth more then any other base set card you own right now!
So I like to have actual stats and not just opinions.
Currently a 2019 Prizm Kyler Murray Base RC #301 is high bid $112.00 and the last sold went for $165. These are luke warm numbers compared to the Basketball Zion/JA/ Doncic craze!
You may asking yourself… “Self! Why is Jack bringing up PRIZM’S? I know about everything, I’m so underground i need a canary… old news.”
Well mate here is the time to sell on bases that arent grading worthy. Whether its comics, mcfarlane toys or sports cards there is a worth or value assigned directly to apparent and graded condition.
I will be posting my 2019 Josh Jacobs Prizm Base RC on a 7 day auction and I will update you next week on how I did, to hopefully show you that there is some weight behind the words!
$0.99 starting bid, $3.99 shipping.

Now, there is a subset of PRIZM called Prizm Draft Picks. These are college uniform and licensed cards. Unfortunately these are the not the Prizm’s you really want but its like dating a gal that you find beautiful and flawless and then you meet her sister, she will get the job done but you’re always wishing you had your hands on the other one! Let’s be totally fare, these are great cards, don’t get it twisted. The reason I am going heavy on 2020 is a because of the following. 15 year Haitian RUM, Buzzed ebay ordering during a Covid Draft Watch Party, 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks because i was able to get them pretty inexpensive.

Stay Woke on card collecting with…

Snakeskin Prizm, from the 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks

2020 Washington Football Team cards that have the Redskins logos and name on the card. These MFG’s have messed up by not recalling these cards. It has now in my opinion give a one year super bump to all Non-Redskins cards.

Checking the Wal-Mart/Target trading card section. There are fleets of locals that go out every Tuesday-Thursday and line up and wait for the Vendor to come and stock the shelves. There is a huge re-sell business where people pay at some points double for retail boxes that they could get in any store but by the time you get there they are sold out.
Just so you know, Wal-Mart leases the space to the Distributor and has nothing to do with these card sales at all. Also there are employees that are in the pockets of friends who they hold product to sell closed door in order to have no competition for that friends online selling. If you are one of these people, you are ruining the sport of hunt and find your cards.
I hate you.

Keep Sleeping on…

College edition sets. The re-sell is hard the market is bleak. If you are into college uniforms and cards then you will be able to get what you want for relatively cheap.

$1000 Hobby Boxes. Panini Releasing the new 2019-2020 Black Box. It has 5 cards…. $200 a card, what happens if you dont hit Ja or Zion?
Maybe the better question is what happens when you do? Mortgage Paid off? IDK guys that is not me.

These tips, trends and better not’s I am giving ya will help you navigate your collecting journey.

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See for yourself how that Jacobs does!