Die #13, “The Great Game” part 3


Disciples of the polyhedron! Attend carefully to my words, for today we will learn much from the book of Die, chapter 13, verses 1-32!

This is the scripture according to Kieron Gillen. (Awesome name, right?!)
As envisioned by Stephanie Hans. (Wicked covers!!)

The official plot:

““THE GREAT GAME,” Part Three “War isn’t a game” seems obvious. Let one of DIE’s most aggressive masters explain: i) why that isn’t true ii) that war being a game only makes it worse. Can our heroes save the world? Can they save anything?”

Image Comics

Ugh…no one cares about “saving” the world of Die! We want to know how people from the real world were sucked into it! Why did they change? Where did the magic dice come from? (If you pay attention…some of that is in this issue!)

You carry a flamberge and thought there WOULDN’T be a fight?!?!

My Impressions:

  • On H.G. Wells and war games: Unless they are building him up to play a bigger role down the line, this was pointless.
  • The revelation about Die: A machine world that is going to combine with our world…in 2020 no less! Oh hell yeah!
  • The self-fulfilling prophecy/time-loop: Well of course it is!
Isabelle on offense? Nice!

Notable Appearances/Events:

  • Ash the Dictator
  • Chuck the Fool
  • Matt the Grief Knight
  • Angela the Neo
  • Isabelle the Godbinder
  • Sol the Grandmaster
  • H.G. Wells

Bottom Line: 3 Stars!

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, this comic ALWAYS comes with a few head scratching moments. (Like…why did they split the party?) However, that doesn’t detract from the story as a whole, and who doesn’t like a little mystery? This particular issue finally answers some of the questions we’ve had since issue #1, and the wait does seem worth it.