Mad Heidi a film about cheese and revenge

Mad Heidi

Mad Heidi is a film about revenge from Swissploitation Films and funded entirely the fans and for the fans!

The folks at Swissploitation Films partnered with the fans to fund and release Mad Heidi. The film focuses on a town where war is being raged over cheese against those that are lactose intolerant. The Swiss President has made it his mission to enslave the world through cheese and eliminate those that can’t process it. Seeing this condition as a sign of weakness. Anyone found to be suffering from this are collected and sent to the prison. There they are tested to see if they are weak or just unwilling to partake in cheese. Some of those that are intolerant have been seen eating goat cheese as a way of hiding in plain site, this cheese sold by Goat Peter. Peter just happens to be the love interest of Heidi who also watches as he is executed in the town square for his cheese related crimes. Thus starting us on our path to revenge.

The film prides itself on it’s sploitation background as does the team behind it. So what is sploitation anyway? My understanding is that is was more about underpaying actors for roles that may be beneath their skill and typically full of racist commentary. Reading the information on the dedicated Mad Heidi site it seems to be it’s own genre where it doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can expect some nudity, you can expect some gore effects and just a tad bit of perversion. Based on that definition this is a perfect representation of a sploitation film.

Some of the cast were over the top to a hilarious degree and this made the film so much better. Overall, the acting quality wasn’t Oscar worthy but it fit the film perfectly. The stand out performances being Alice Lucy’s Heidi and Casper Van Dien’s President. Heidi’s intensity was perfect and the President was absolutely nuts but in a good way.

My biggest complaint about the film was the pacing for the first act. The build up to the action took a while but it was worth the wait. Overall I found the film to be one of those fun films that are great to make fun of and the gore effects were some of the best I’ve seen!