The Clock – a bioterror story from Top Cow Productions

The Clock

Matt Hawkins has returned with another thriller with The Clock, this time centered around weaponizing cancer!

Before Covid-19 was even on the horizon, before anyone knew it was even in the United States, Top Cow Productions shared the first issue of The Clock with us.  This was back in December of 2019. Being one of my favorite writers I devoured this first issue wanting more.

Now this is where things get eerie. Weeks before I read the first issue I had already come into contact with Covid and by this point was already sick. Approximately a week later I was hospitalized and spent over a month in the hospital. By then listening to the nurses speculate about what had kicked my ass and doing the same regarding Covid (which everyone still believed wasn’t here), one of them asked what would happen if someone weaponized the virus and targeted the United States. For days I thought about the implications of that and was reminded of that issue of The Clock.

The story follows Jack Davidson as he is trying to identify why some communities are hit by a viral cancer and others are not. By the end of the first issue his wife was killed by lung cancer, seemingly unrelated to his research. Naturally inquisitive Jack quickly asks too many questions and as a result becomes targeted by the villains of the story.

The story flows at a steady pace for the first three issues but seems to make a major leap in the story in issue four. Normally I love the four issue format of his books but felt the finale should have been fleshed out just a bit more before then, meaning one to two more issues in the story. As a whole it was a dark story that was well told, I just wanted a bit more.