The Dreaming: Waking Hours #2, “The Bard and the Bard” part 2


Behold the creator of dreams! He who both inspires and terrorizes you in the night. Heed the lessons from The Dreaming: Waking Hours, chapter 2, verses 1-32!

This is the word according to G. Willow Wilson.
As envisioned by the less than extensively experienced Nick Robles.

The official plot:

“New mother Lindy is trapped in the Dreaming, and the lovestruck nightmare Ruin is loose in the real world. Dream must put this situation right-but to do so, he’ll have to travel into the Black Chest where he keeps his most dangerous nightmares…and pull the answers right from the mouth of the unimaginable Endless Teeth!”

DC Black Label

Meanwhile, back in the Dreamcave! Actually, I’m glad to see Dream engaging in this personally. He’s the best part of the Dreaming, and was sorely missed in the last Dreaming series.

Thundercats! Hooooo!

My Impressions:

  • Most folks will not get the Shakespeare connection…which is a shame. It really does make this story better. Without it, Lindy’s sub-plot is likely going to be fairly boring.
  • Great use of varying art styles in the same book. I especially liked the painted settings inside the Box of Nightmares.
  • New Nightmares!!!! I’ve been dying to see more ever since the Corinthian.
  • Is my nostalgia showing?
Not as intimidating as the original version of Dream, but this version is growing on me.

Notable Appearances/Events:

  • Dream (Morpheus)
  • Lucien the Librarian
  • Ruin
  • Jophiel
  • Lindy
  • Heather After

Bottom Line: 3 Stars!

The Dreaming: Waking hours is really establishing itself as a continuation of the original Sandman series from the early 90’s. Definitely something stronger than a “spiritual successor.” Fans of the original really should give this new series a shot. If you somehow missed it, fear not, it’s being adapted into a Netflix series. Let us hope that it remains true to the original source material!