Books of Magic #23 – Series Finale

Books of Magic

Ding-dong the Wizard is dead!! Well…not really, but close enough for me, see what I mean in Books of Magic, chapter 23, verses 1-25! The story of “Dwelling in Possibility” part 3.

These are the musings of one David Barnett
As translated into the visual by a certain Tom Fowler

The official plot:

“The true masterminds behind the Cult of the Cold Flame now stand revealed-as does their purpose in handing the power of the Book of Possibilities over to Tim Hunter’s onetime friends Ellie, Fatimah, and Tyler! But can Tim save his schoolmates from making a terrible choice? Or is their Destiny already written?”

DC Comics

Tim has nothing to do with saving anyone. He’s a lump that sits there and whines.

Books of Magic
Constantine was the highlight of this issue.

My Impressions:

  • Put a nail in it…we’re done! Finally!
  • Of course it had to end that way…but it would have been so much better if it hadn’t.
  • Contemporary Artwork: Nothing stunning. Again.
  • As with most of the current Sandman Universe titles…no final punch.
Books of Magic
I’d have rather seen Tim hauled off in chains. That would have brought me back for more down the road.

Notable Appearances/Events:

  • Tim hunter
  • John Constantine
  • Finale issue!!!

Bottom Line: 1 Star!

I’m happy to see this one go. Books of Magic gives the Sandman Universe a bad name. For 22 issues now, I’ve been certain that the next issue would be the last…and FINALLY I’m proven right! As for this issue…yep, ends with “the future is unwritten!” I hate it! Take some chances will you? Walk the kid out in chains! Banish him to Heck! Do SOMETHING impactful! Anything would have been better than this.