Warcry Tome of Champions 2020 edition is here!

Tome of Champions

The Eighpoints are seeing new wars waged starting with the Tome of Champions 2020 edition!

The fine folks at Games Workshop has once again graced us with the Tome of Champions, this time for 2020! Originally I intended to have my thoughts on the latest edition out before the New Year but the holidays have a way of derailing plans. Better late than never I suppose. Click here to see my coverage of the 2019 version of Tome of Champions back when I was writing for PopNerdTV. The big takeaways from the previous edition were the added challenges.

The rules for the game as a whole remain unchanged. Like the Grand Alliance books this is meant as a supplement that will further enhance the game. Returning to the Tome are more challenges and options for tournaments. One of the biggest changes is a full campaign! Not just that but this campaign has a story behind it. Yes, please! That has always been one of my favorite things about the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K intellectual properties, the ability to tell a story while your armies clash. On a smaller playing field like Warcry the story becomes much more personal.

Another huge (pun intended) addition are some of the challenges, not just to fight Gargants but to even fight the Mega Gargant! I expect each year we will see bigger and better things in the Tome but at the current rate I already can’t keep up with all of the challenges I want to try out.

Once again, this is not meant as a game changer for Warcry but it is a hell of an improvement!