Exploding Kittens Recipes for Disaster

Exploding Kittens Recipes for Disaster

Exploding Kittens

The Oatmeal returns to their classic card game with essentially an Ultimate Edition of Exploding Kittens with Recipes for Disaster!

There are very few titles where I will want every edition that is released but Exploding Kittens is one such title. The Oatmeal brings us their latest edition Recipes for Disaster. Overall the gameplay is very much the same. Each player will play an action of some sort in hopes that their opponent will draw one of the Exploding Kittens and be removed from the game. Of course if they have a defuse in hand then the Kitten will be returned to the deck.

Where previous editions or expansions added cards to your deck, Recipes for Disaster changes things up. Before starting the game you will choose your ”recipe” which will require the deck to be modified. Some remove certain cards entirely while other minimize the numbers of others. Each previous iteration of the game is included within this single edition and is the most complete release yet. These changes brings fresh new ways to play for any that needed it. For our family we are still far from sick of this game but these changes are welcome additions and look forward to see what else they come up with next for the game.

Jake Combs

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