Necromunda Ash Wastes

Necromunda Ash Wastes

Ash Wastes
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Necromunda takes the gangs out of the hive and puts them against each other in the Ash Wastes but which gang will rule the wasteland?

When first playing Necromunda in the late 90’s I had heard of the Ash Wastes in the lore but the battles were kept to the Hive itself. Most of this region was more rumor than anything else. I’ve been told (but not proven) that issues of White Dwarf around this time included rules for this area and was one of the only ways to play there until now. The hives of Necromunda have stripped the world or resources and leaving the planet desolate and this region became known as the Ash Wastes. Storms of sand and ash regularly ravage or change the landscape and no area truly stays the same.

Out of the box you get a new gang- the Ash Wastes Nomads and a classic gang of Orlocks that come ready to fight in the Wastes. The base rulebook includes rules for the Orlocks and Nomands to use “vehicles” and mentions other gangs being able to use their own in the wastes but lacks the rules to do so. That’s where the Book of The Outlands comes in. It specifically has rules for creating customer vehicles for any gang. Terrain this time around is a bit different. We usually have tons of walls and industrial style pieces for the underhive but out in the wastes it is mostly rocks, sand and ash. Out of the box though it includes some Hab modules designed to help people survive in wastes and make for the perfect visual for playing these games. With the addition of the region and vehicles we now have rules for running people down by your vehicle or mount, adding to the realism. This happens from time to time in some of the battle reports I’ve seen and I know I won’t hesitate to put this to use. I can’t wait to see what else Necromunda has in store for us as we continue to expand.

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