New Draconith models for Stormcast Eternals are incoming!

New Draconith models for Stormcast Eternals are incoming!


Two Draconith boxes are coming for the Stormcast Eternals and the models are awesome!

Spawning from Dracothion, the great dragon of legend, is the first of the six- Krondys. At $150 Krondys offers two named Draconith, himself and Karazai, the Scarred. That’s right! Two dragons to choose from in this single kit, however of the Games Workshop site each is listed as it’s own build but contain the sprues to build the dragon of your choice. Hopefully in the coming years we will see Dracothion himself.



The first two dragons of the six have been identified so now we will look at the last four. All of which are the Stormdrake Guard but there are two build options for each dragon and come two to a box. Here you can choose between the Stormdrake Guard and the Knight-Draconis. The primary difference between these two loadouts comes down to personal preference- would you like your riders to use swords or lances? Visually I prefer the look of a flaming sword but the range of a lance is also preferable.


Stormdrake Guard

Dragon models are what first grabbed my interest in the Warhammer Fantasy games in the late 90s and these new models put those all to shame. The modelers at Games Workshop have produced some of the best looking dragon models and the fact that each box gives you multiple load outs means you can have multiples of these models and have each appear unique. I’m already planning a 3000 point army that is nearly all dragons but might have to reevaluate the points with the recent changes to the Stormdrakes. Either way I can’t wait to see what other dragon goodies are released for this game because if these sculpts are anything to judge by they will be amazing.

Which of these Draconith models are you most interested in?

Jake Combs


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