Star Trek Adventures Shackleton Expanse and Lower Decks

Star Trek Adventures Shackleton Expanse and Lower Decks

Star Trek Adventures

Modiphius continues their support for the Star Trek Adventures Role-Playing Game with the Shackleton Expanse and Lower Decks!

Star Trek Adventures is back with two more expansions in quick succession, so quick in fact that we hadn’t had time to film the first book before the second arrived. That meant we filmed them together! If you want to check out our first impressions head over to the Table Talk Games YouTube channel. Those expansions themselves are The Shackleton Expanse and Lower Decks, both from Modiphius Entertainment. Modiphius is most known for their creation and mastery of the 2D20 system where EVERY action requires rolling two twenty side die.

Mechanically the game plays nearly identically to the Dune Roleplaying Game that we recently discussed. Only real difference is the world for the game itself and the layout of the books. Where the game system is the same they also both offer immersive worlds where even the books follow this methodology. The book’s layout amazingly looks like the controls on the Starfleet ships themselves, drawing you in further to the world.

Lower Desks is geared towards lower level players which makes sense considering the characters are meant to be lower ranked in the show. Shackleton Expanse focuses on higher level missions in an uncharted corner of the galaxy and in terms of content is the far superior book to add to the core rules. Either way, both are great additions to the game and each are worth the near $60 price tag on them!

Jake Combs


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