Stillwater #2, “The Greatest Burden”

Stillwater #2, “The Greatest Burden”


Lazarus came forth out of the grave! If you live in Stillwater…you will too! Learn how in the book of Stillwater, chapter 2, verses 1-32!

Hey look, it’s written by that Howard the Duck guy, Chip Zdarsky. (Yes, I pointed it out last time too…I haven’t forgiven him yet.)
Brought to life (pun intended) by the one and only Ramon K Perez!

The official plot:

“Daniel West has returned to Stillwater, but his homecoming is anything but happy! What secret is the town hiding from the outside world? And can Daniel save his mother from meeting her fate within The Park?”

Image Comics

NOPE NOPE NOPE! IF Daniel ever left Stillwater, it was as an infant…so this hardly counts as a “homecoming.” We already know the secret, so that’s a rhetorical question…and lastly, how does burying an immortal person for two weeks count as “meeting her fate?” This solicitation writer really earned their pay on this one.

My Impressions:

  • Ah – The Judge! I knew there had to be someone in a seat of power.
  • If the deputies are shooting each other, I can’t wait to meet the sheriff.
  • Who’s the boy scout hiking that kid out of Stillwater…and is that kid even Daniel? Inquiring minds want to know.
If you can’t die…what is it like to be buried alive for two weeks?

Notable Appearances/Events:

  • We get to meet the Judge!
  • See…I told you Tony didn’t matter.
  • Punishment in a small, immortal, town is on display!

Bottom Line: 3 Stars!

Stillwater feels like a CW television show. The writer essentially did a mash-up of Riverdale and The Old Guard, and it works. I don’t see this being a long series if they don’t start introducing additional elements soon. So far so good, but I’m not hooked for the long haul.



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