Kill Team returns with another installment of the current edition – Chalnath

Kill Team Chalnath

Games Workshop has released a new version of Kill Team with Chalnath and they sent us a copy for the purpose of reviewing it.

Kill Team is essentially the skirmish version of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000. Players take small squads of fighters, or even a smaller and more elite force and battle for objectives or simply to eliminate the other team (this is my preferred way to play any tabletop game). Officially this is the fourth edition of the Kill Team game type but the third as a standalone title. The points systems are vastly different than your standard game of 40k but very similar in nature to that of Warcry in relation to Age of Sigmar. Now the first three editions also differed in points values when compared but Chalnath is the second installment of this edition and is much more in line with Warcry.

Teams are comprised of roughly 1000 points and depending on the faction will determine how many models you will be using, for example, Adaptus Mechanicus will typically have more troops on the map than Astartes. Another big difference between this version and previous iterations is that the list building is much more limited this time around. For Kill Team I suspect this is to better control balancing for the game, possibly to minimize some of the min/maxing that some players do to give their play style an advantage. With the new limitations on list building I think this is a huge improvement because I like having a variety on the field of battle and like to fight a variety.

Overall I found this to be a great introduction game to the world of Warhammer 40k and in the smaller scale makes trying new armies much easier and way cheaper. The new models for both Tau and Adepta Sororitas are some of my favorite for both factions. Kill Team: Chalnath features new Tau Pathfinders and Adepta Sororitas models along with some familiar looking terrain and is setting the precedent that every three months or so we will see a new Kill Team release, each centered around a different kill zone. Additionally both releases of this edition have also had exclusive models and the first absolutely had exclusive terrain options. This time I have yet to find confirmation about the exclusivity on the terrain but it looks quite similar to some we’ve seen previously. I can’t wait to see what other exclusive models and terrain will be coming with each new kill zone! This is a fantastic starting point for anyone looking for a new army or to add to an existing army.