Evil Dead The Game GOTY Edition

Evil Dead

Evil Dead The Game has returned with the Game of the Year Edition from Saber Interactive!

Ash Williams has returned for Evil Dead The Game GOTY Edition, from Saber Interactive, and is bringing the fight to the deadites! Players choose up to a handful of heroes or enemies to try to secure or steal the Necronomicon. As the deadites you take control of the Kandarian Demon to kill the heroes or as the heroes you must survive the deadites and recover lost pages and the Necronomicon itself.

Visually the game is stunning and the gore effects are realistic and exactly what you would expect to see in an Evil Dead or Army of Darkness game. The execution animations are fantastic and I could hear a younger version of myself hooting and hollering at each brutal hit. Atmosphere is off the charts. Seriously. Between the fog, the music and the sounds of monsters in the night, not to mention the fear system, this game does a fantastic job of building the tension, even in the tutorial. You are nearly invincible in the tutorial and yet once it introduce fear to your game it gave me chills.

I had two primary complaints with the game. The first is that the online community is practically dead already but I’m hopeful that this edition will bring others out to play it either again or for the first time. The second complaint, and this is nearly a deal breaker for me, is the controls. You can’t modify them and the melee combat system feels slow due to the buttons being moved to triggers where nearly all games that play the same has the melee mapped to one of the four main buttons. It put a major damper on my overall enjoyment and left me wanting to play something else at the end of my session instead.