Tetragon – a rotation puzzle game


Buka Entertainment Enterprises brings their latest title, Tetragon, where the world is manipulated by rotating it and moving platforms.

Buka Entertainment provided a review copy of their latest game, Tetragon. As you progress through the world you will solve puzzles by either rotating the entire world or manipulating platforms to move to the exit or to some sort of collectible. The biggest “pitfall” with this puzzler is that the hero has a limited fall distance before instant death. The good news here though is that you return to the same puzzle but it is reset each time. The resetting of the stage can actually help the puzzle as you may make mistakes the first time around- I know I did on several of them and the reset made correcting those mistakes much easier.

Controls feel a bit clunky as at times you cannot rotate the screen certain directions when you could before or some platforms don’t move until the camera is rotated a certain way and there are no visual indicators, that I noticed, to indicate when this is happening. Visuals are more advanced than the retro 8-bit style but not significantly and the story comes in pieces but left me intrigued. The puzzles in this game are creative and sometimes require more thought than I expected but after two hours of gameplay left me feeling like the game is meh. I plan on playing another couple of hours to see if this changes but experience with the game so far tells me it won’t significantly.