Cake Bash – a tasty brawler

Cake Bash

Have you ever argued about what your favorite dessert is? With Cake Bash from Coat Sink you can let the desserts fight it out themselves!

Smash Bro’s was one of the first titles that gave players a comical brawler where you can beat the snot out of your family members and not feel bad about it. Gang Beasts took it a step further and added some ragdoll physics. Cake Bash is now here to turn the cute level to a twelve while beating up on your family and friends.

Players choose their confectionary of choice and then the games begin. Each round players will have a chance to vote for which map they will play on. The main game has a specific rotation of bash levels, purchasing decorations followed by a challenge level. This repeats about three times ending with a final purchase section to grab as many decorations to lock in enough points to be the final dessert standing. After you have played a location or level once you can then do so in freeplay to unlock related achievements.

Some modes require precision and numerous attempts just to get them right. The caterpillar level is still not completed for me and I’ve spent about two hours on it so far. The game allows for a lot of replayability. In small doses the game is quite fun but repeating the same level will make you want to walk away from the game for a while. At $20 for the game it is a reasonable price but if you see it on sale this will become a must grab.