Ole Jack is here to help you navigate the sports card collecting market. This week he focuses on Pokemon and Top Loaders!

HELLO JACK-O-LANTERNS! Ole Jack is here to help you navigate the collectible memorabilia trading card market, more so this week than our typical sports card collecting. If you are the last one to hear about this, it’s okay and there is no judgement coming from ole Jack on this… Pokemon cards, if you got em find someone who knows about them. first edition sets are clearing hundreds of thousands of dollars. I repeat if you got old Pokemon cards do not sell these at your annual garage sale and if you already have, it’s okay and let me tell you why.


Currently there is a “new” to newish set called Hidden Fates. roughly can sell the retail “tins” and elite trainer boxes for 100% profit. They pull is a raw “Shiny” Charizard that is fetching $400-$500 online if you happen to hit one in these you can keep it for bragging rights and water cooler talk how you should send it out for grading it but….

Folks paying double retail from the retail…


Okay so if you are now in the hobby and you are throwing dollar upon dollar out there and you now are hunting for retail boxes so you can “rip”. You look around at your dinner table as they cards can no longer be looked at on your bed. You don’t have protection… Do yourself a favor and take my advice on this. Just spend the few bucks to make sure your $10 if not $5 or higher cards are penny sleaved and top loaded or at least the lanyard cover looking ones from 1998.

Let’s like at the pros…

  • Protects your investment
  • Easier to store. (Don’t be an animal and stack em cardboard boxes)
  • If you sell them in the future, It will be much easier as a person not seeing your collection will have a clearer idea of what is in it.

Cons? It cost ya few extra bucks…


The Retail Rush of 2020! TRICK OR TREAT! IF YOU CAN FIND A BOX.

Does everyone remember when my president was black and my lambo’s blue and I be gd’d if my rims ain’t too??… maybe it was more simple time then it is now. Maybe it was better time, maybe it was more flossy and less substance. I miss those days, not because of Jeezy or anything political. It was when you can walk into a wal-mart or target and buy retail sports card boxes.

Here is your reality check! This isn’t going away. There are too many people out there that have the money for this but not the time, to hunt these retail stores down for product. Just as many folks that have the time to wait for them to be re-stocked. There are plenty of people out there that flip these boxes for 100-300% profit. Each one of these retail locations have independent vendors who stock a “leased” spot on one row of product normally in the check out lines area. So if you see a box like this at Wal-Mart… stick around.

Poor Bastard…

There is nothing that you can do as a buyer except try to drop the comp price. Good luck, lol. There will be natural half life on mostly all boxes. Basketball seems to be the exception. I am interested in watching what happens to the retail box resale price when the season kicks off and the draft finalizes. As always a little advice from your boy Jack, stock up and sit on these unopened boxes of 2020 Mosaic Basketball. Good luck on not opening the boxes!

thanks for checking out my post. If anyone is interested in more tips for hunting retail send me a message on the post and I will help if I can. Happy Social Distance Drive Thru Halloween!

NFL Week 3 Football Card Trading Update!

Week 3

Warm! and who probably has a good personality… NFL Week 3 Football Card Trading Update!

Howdy Jacksters! We are two weeks into the NFL season and with Week 3 upon us there a lot of questions new and unanswered from the “pre-season” that have not been solved.

Lets look at the best bet as far as collecting for Week 3. Cant miss players that will vary in cost to own. With varying levels of return potential.


Clyde Edwards-Helaire – Hyphens are hot right now… This Kansas City Chief Running Back landed in the best spot you can imagine as a rookie. His competition opted out. Edwards-Helaire was drafted in the first round, that means my mans did get paid! CEH is playing with arguably the best QB in the game, Patrick Mahomes. This super-star in the making has stepped into an offense under Andy Reid. Which has developed and enless list of offensive weapons, Russia has hacked him.

What does this mean as far as card value? In currently sales data, CEH is arguably 2nd behind first overall pick Joe Burrow. You want this guy in your collection? You are going to have to crack that wallet a little wider then you may want. I think it will be worth it.
I give him a Cost rating of 4-$$$$
Value and possible return rating of 5-$$$$$
Buyer Beware – He is a RB in the NFL. Like most NFL RB’s he will get Hurt… it does not mean you cant ride him for a few years and get that maximum return.

Chase Claypool – Go Stillers! Yinz guys didn’t see him make that 85 yd Touchdown catch and run? I saw some offensive pass interference and some payment notifications saying that my Claypool AUTOS had sold. When CC continues to be at least half decent the Steeler fans will pump the card value up! Guaranteed! Pittsburgh is starved for that next great WR. Since AB left the Steelers have had suspect WR play, at best…

Here is the plan. Get all you can of this rookie while prices are justified. He has no pressure to play and if Big Ben stays on the field this manimal will get 700+ yds and 10+ touchdowns. I think any fan of the black and gold would love to have it and can see him doing it already in this small portion of the season.
I give him a Cost Rating of 2-$$
Value and possible return rating of 4-$$$$

Buyer Beware- We all remember duck hodges and mason rudolph last year… its what Steelers nation has to look forward too. On the bright side the old new back up the rocket scientist Dobbs is back. Charlie Villanueva Anyone??

James Robinson – Who?? Excactly! Ole Jack gives ya the fire! Here is what I know about James Robinson. They released Leonard Fournette in Jacksonville (Sorry Ke’Shawn Vaugh) signed by the Bucs. He was undrafted and only has a few rookie cards. Panini Prizm Draft Picks (Autos only). Playoff Contender Draft Picks (Autos only) Score (Base and Auto).

This may be the only scenario where it’s okay to come back home with that box of 2020 Score. Your wife will be laughing at you while on the phone with her Mother who is saying to her simultaneously that she had always known you were a loser. Then you pull that Robinson /10 Serial Numbered Rookie AUTO, so you retort “You are as dumb as your mother! But less attractive…” Snap back to reality… you didnt pull a base and now you got a handful of worthless 2020 scores.

I just had checked my 2020 Scores and found one James Robinson. Possibly getting it sent to be graded. Just an FYI.
I give him a Cost Rating of 2-$$ (Right now, Pre-Thursday night game)
Value and possible return – $$$$
Buyer Beware- See Clyde Edwards Helaire. The emerging star known as Laviska Shenualt JR. He might steal a lot of touches and opportunities and make James Robinson a James White of sorts value wise.


Sterling Shepard – Saquon is done for the year. Slayton is down in injury. Here is what i see… Jones actually throws to SS. Evan Engram and Golden Tate are his other options and with options like that it makes SS look even better. The New York Giants signed a new RB this week due to the back up RB’s being hot garbage. His cards are trending up! Keep an eye out for him.

Joshua Kelly – He is this years Eckler. If you are reading this post I would have to assume you know what that means. Good receiver out of the backfield. With Herbert coming out as the starter after paying the medical staff to puncture the lung of Tyrod Taylor (speculation). JKell is going to get a lot of looks as folks keeping their attention on Herbert. Expect a boost in sales and value.

Laviska Shenault Jr
– I had to put this dreaded any position monster on the list. Fact: I currently have no Laviska Shenault Jrs anymore. A collector on facebook traded me Zions and Ja’s and a bunch of football cards for him before the season had even started. I had 2 graded and 2 raw autos and over 20 additional base and parallels. I knew he would be good. Now you know!

COVID-2020 (Stay Away)

Saquon Barkley – My man got injured again… Just don’t overpay on Barkley’s rookie cards unless your a hapless GMEN collector. If that is the case I wish Good Luck to you!

Dede Westbrook – Yeah Unload him if you can. Literally came in as a 1st round pick and cant even make it on the field.

Ronald Jones II – Hey lets face it. It’s only a matter of time before Fournette takes over (At least I hope, as Leonard is on my fantasy team). Any major value increase is unlikely based on all the mouths to feed. If gronk cant get looks, you think Jones is ranking high on that list?

Any subjects you want tackled by ole Jack send me a comment, shout out or some love and let me know what you all want some insight on!

Thank you for checking me and Week 3 out! I appreciate the support and keep collecting y’all!



Howdy y’all, ole Jack here for your sports card collecting update.

I have been collecting for all my life. I have seen trends and rode them dry… this current trend is setting all sports on fire. Its name is Prizm, a product of Panini America and printed in the USA.

Let’s get into this starting with ANY PRIZM you may or may not own base to base, $ to $, hands down is worth more then any other base set card you own right now!
So I like to have actual stats and not just opinions.
Currently a 2019 Prizm Kyler Murray Base RC #301 is high bid $112.00 and the last sold went for $165. These are luke warm numbers compared to the Basketball Zion/JA/ Doncic craze!
You may asking yourself… “Self! Why is Jack bringing up PRIZM’S? I know about everything, I’m so underground i need a canary… old news.”
Well mate here is the time to sell on bases that arent grading worthy. Whether its comics, mcfarlane toys or sports cards there is a worth or value assigned directly to apparent and graded condition.
I will be posting my 2019 Josh Jacobs Prizm Base RC on a 7 day auction and I will update you next week on how I did, to hopefully show you that there is some weight behind the words!
$0.99 starting bid, $3.99 shipping.

Now, there is a subset of PRIZM called Prizm Draft Picks. These are college uniform and licensed cards. Unfortunately these are the not the Prizm’s you really want but its like dating a gal that you find beautiful and flawless and then you meet her sister, she will get the job done but you’re always wishing you had your hands on the other one! Let’s be totally fare, these are great cards, don’t get it twisted. The reason I am going heavy on 2020 is a because of the following. 15 year Haitian RUM, Buzzed ebay ordering during a Covid Draft Watch Party, 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks because i was able to get them pretty inexpensive.

Stay Woke on card collecting with…

Snakeskin Prizm, from the 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks

2020 Washington Football Team cards that have the Redskins logos and name on the card. These MFG’s have messed up by not recalling these cards. It has now in my opinion give a one year super bump to all Non-Redskins cards.

Checking the Wal-Mart/Target trading card section. There are fleets of locals that go out every Tuesday-Thursday and line up and wait for the Vendor to come and stock the shelves. There is a huge re-sell business where people pay at some points double for retail boxes that they could get in any store but by the time you get there they are sold out.
Just so you know, Wal-Mart leases the space to the Distributor and has nothing to do with these card sales at all. Also there are employees that are in the pockets of friends who they hold product to sell closed door in order to have no competition for that friends online selling. If you are one of these people, you are ruining the sport of hunt and find your cards.
I hate you.

Keep Sleeping on…

College edition sets. The re-sell is hard the market is bleak. If you are into college uniforms and cards then you will be able to get what you want for relatively cheap.

$1000 Hobby Boxes. Panini Releasing the new 2019-2020 Black Box. It has 5 cards…. $200 a card, what happens if you dont hit Ja or Zion?
Maybe the better question is what happens when you do? Mortgage Paid off? IDK guys that is not me.

These tips, trends and better not’s I am giving ya will help you navigate your collecting journey.

Check out my card collecting Store!
See for yourself how that Jacobs does!