THIS WEEK IN FOOTBALL! Rise of Claypool!

THIS WEEK IN FOOTBALL! Rise of Claypool!


Let Ole Jack tell you about the latest Football news and how that affects your cards!

Hello Jackolytes!
With the NBA Finals in the rear view and we are starting to take our light jackets and hoodies out, drink pumpkin spice aloe waters and start to sweat the upcoming holiday season. We did it! The first quarter of the football season is over, with horrible season ending injuries and coach firings, not all of us have come out of this unscathed.
SERIOUSLY! Holy Smokes! I hope you watched the Steelers game against Philly this weekend. You would have seen a young man from the University of Notre Dame play a game in which he scored 4 Touchdowns! Reggie Bush was the only other player in History to have 4 TD’s in a single game in his rookie year. Does anyone remember the one that got called back with a suspect offensive pass interference call? Chase could have had 5 TD’s…

Let ole Jack put that in perspective for ya. Scoring 75 points in a NBA Game by yourself? James Harden scored 34.3 ppg last year. Which is 5 points higher then the second player on that list MVP Giannis Antekounmpo. So in closing, hope you all have plenty of Claypool for your PC. From this point his card value will only increase.

“I wanna get blacked out after a game like that!”

Holy Smokes! First and foremost I wanna wish Dak Prescott a speedy recovery. Person to Person, I most definitely cry for sure if my bone was sticking out of my skin. This guy just lost $50-$100 million this off-season. No doubt about it the Cowboys will try to bring in Aaron Rodgers Next year… HOT TAKE! Jerry Jones trades 2 first round picks and 2 second round and like a 4th and a 6th rounder, cuz the pack are the pack. Dak Prescott signs with Green Bay to compete with Jordan Love! That would be a wild scenario, but you heard it here first!

Holy Smokes! Herbert is the man! Justin Herbert the First Round Selection from the University of Oregon has had a wild start to the season. 1st game Patrick “Don’t call my son Pat announcer guy” Mahomes, finding out 5 mins before the game that he is now the starter. Teddy B nobody cares, because the next game was the GOAT himself Tompa Baydy. Which Justin went blow for blow with Brady and came out with an “L”. Goes to New Orleans and throws down with another GOAT in his own right, Drew Brees. Losing… on the leg of the Money Badger… bahahaha. DOINK! So ole Jack is going to give ya perspective, but ole Jack has got ya… Herbert has not won a game, that is right the LA Chargers are 0-5. This Rookie has been in every single game, 4th quarter last possession wins type of games. Throws and amazing ball and guess what… Burrow won a game and nobody cares!! It seems Herbert is pulling ahead on the Rookie QB of 2020!
Hobby wise he is cant miss, which the list looks something like Joe Burrow, Herbert, Tua, CEH, CeeDee, Love, Taylor the best of the rest is Claypool.


Let’s Say Goodbye with a So Longggg!

So Longggg! Le’veon Bell. He was able to play his way out of job as the starting running back for the New York Jets. Hot Take! He did the right thing. That’s right! So Lev sat out a whole year while playing for Pittsburgh. Do you think this man really minds sitting out during Covid Season? The Jets are bad right now. Gase isn’t the guy. Darnold is not even starting. Flacco is ELITE, brightside if there is any.


Places I think would be interesting spots for Bell to land. Pittsburgh, because it would just be great to have him quit on the team a second time. I wanna hear the gasps from the 412 when this happens. Arizona, every former “washed up” RB Great has landed there. Miami, he can literally just go back and hole up in the strip clubs to quarantine. Because I was living in Pittsburgh during Le’Veon’s hold-out and I remember seeing so many snap chat and IG vids of Bell at the strip club. Do you, Sir!
So Longggg! To the SF 49ers chance at doing anything this year besides being second possibly in a tough NFC WEST. With the loss of Bosa and Thomas both to ACL’s, I’d be lying to if this scenario playing out didn’t make me feel good. I remember last year’s NFC Championship Game. The 9ers beat up on the pack so bad it, Randy Moss even was like DAMN! So burn all of your Bay Boys cards? Ok, or try looking into Aiyuk as a bright spot in an otherwise total loss of a year. What are they going to do at QB? Garrapolo can’t put pressure on his ankle to throw at least a lame duck, he literally threw geese! Cheer up 49ers nation. Just remember you could have had Brady…
So Longggg! My fantasy trophy… that I haven’t even held in my hand in my family league. None of which are actually related to me. Does that really matter? Ok so Lamar Hasn’t panned out as of yet. Lazard went down all year with a core injury? Just lost this week on a covid-by-law stating in the event the players game gets bumped or rescheduled you are granted the average points of that players games. In all fairness to the other team. He put up a good week. As did I, but not good enough to pull out the W. I had the perfect line-up and missed with Koo on the return. Kept rolling with Seattle. Fantasy Pick-ups to get right now if you can. Chase Claypool, Chase Edmunds, Vinny Chase… Fulgham the former packer. Count on me, Ole Jack wont steer ya wrong.
We have a responsibility to take of ourselves and others. Just think about things a little extra right now. Sanitizer never hurt nobody. Even my mouth breathing ass got used to wearing a mask. Please, make smart choices out there whether its voting or not licking door knobs but don’t lick knobs.
Thank you for checking out my post!



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