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Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes, a game of dragon combat, collecting gold and killing other players.

The folks at Playwing brought us the latest in MOBA gaming with Century: Age of Ashes. When we first started playing the game there were three classes to play and at the time we sat to write this a fourth was added. Each class gives a different list of dragons to collect and eventually use. Additionally you can unlock different cosmetics for each and choose between two abilities for their dragons. Game modes cycle daily but two are a constant- Spoils of War and Carnage. These two modes are chosen at random when you choose to play them. Spoils is my personal favorite where teams shoot down each other as well as dragons carrying gold around the map. This gold is then collected and placed in your safe. Carnage is a team based PVP battle where the quickest reflexes and most aggressive teams are the winners.

When I first started playing I played every day as completing daily challenges gave you chances to unlock dragons. Now though, the team at Playwing have decided to require you to get a BattlePass in order to continue unlocking dragons and cosmetics. All of the dragons, at least for the current season appear to require the paid BattlePass to have a chance to earn, or spending actual money to purchase them from the shop. I understand the company needs to make a profit but when the game had six months of daily play working towards earning more dragons to then require spending money in order for players to continue getting what they were getting for free prior makes it feel more like a bait and switch. The gameplay is great but gets quite tedious after a little while.

Controls are smooth and visuals are stunning but the way they handled the changes between season 0 and 1 took a lot of the fun out of the game. For those that don’t mind spending a little money will enjoy the game but Free to Play players like myself will get bored and quit before long, unless you have a ton of patience.