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Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed

Destroy All Humans

Crypto is back and this time he vows to Destroy All Humans, again!

Crypto is back and this time he vows to Destroy All Humans, again, in this remastered sequel to the remastered cult classic from THQ Nordic. The first game I had heard of but had no idea this sequel was released prior to being remastered, or reprobed as the name of the title suggests. I did some research on it while trying to recall the name of our grey alien bringer of chaos and came across the original release photos. Continuing off the story of the original game the mothership has crashed and it is up to Crypto to kill everyone and save the day. The story centers around tracking down the KGB as they further infiltrate the city and are responsible for shooting down the mothership.

Gameplay is just as chaotic and hilarious as the original. Hijacking the bodies of citizens is just as hilarious as before and the ragdoll physics makes for a great time with the levitation ability. The dancing mode makes for a great escape that is hilarious to watch- you force enemies, civilians and even cars to dance under the dance lights that appear on the ground around them. Watching the cars dance along with them is hilarious. If you played the original or are looking for a game where mayhem and abductions are the frequent play type then this is a must purchase for you. We had a ton of fun on this title in both single player and co-op modes- fyi it’s even better if you make a drinking game out of it.

Destroy All Humans is back on consoles

Destroy All Humans

Let’s face it, humans are terrible creatures, just look at what they’ve done to the planet. With Destroy All Humans you can give them what’s coming to them.

Who wants to help Destroy All Humans? They suck, well most of ’em anyway. I am a firm believer that if more people had even a slight sense of decency this world would be so much better than it is and these last four years make that even more apparent. Hell, even this pandemic has highlighted the selfish nature of the human race. THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games bring us this classic kill ’em all video game with a full High Definition overhaul.

I had never played the original but had always heard that it was a fun game. When offered the opportunity to play and review this remake I jumped at the chance. Players take control of Crypto as he attempts to harvest brain stems to harvest the intermixed DNA that is stored there. Between abducting random citizens, killing cows and burning buildings to the ground you can quickly become overwhelmed but with some time spent unlocking abilities you can soon turn the tide.

Overall the game is quite goofy and entertaining but other than the ability to raze the world around you there wasn’t much to keep me engaged for a long period. Cutscenes are quite long, voice acting tolerable and the controls were easy to pick up. There are worse games out there but this one fell short of my expectations.