Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield from Headup Games

Never Yield

Aerial_Knight and Headup Games brings us the endless running action game Never Yield and it is crazy addicting!

Most endless runner games throw random obstacles at you that you use one of a couple methods to avoid and will literally go on, forever. With Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield the formula is changed, it actually has an end. Simply put it just looks and feels like an endless runner. The bulk of the story is told through quick glimpses of action but no dialogue, no trailing prologue like in a Star Wars film, everything is centered around the action. 

The stylized characters look like something you would expect to see in Back to the Future’s version of the future but full of weapon-wielding drones and vehicles looking to run you over. Without quick reflexes expect to die, often, but with each death you see a continue screen where you’re given the choice between “Never Yield” or giving up, along with a death counter for the particular run. With enough skill you can complete the story in a single sitting within a couple hours tops, my reactive skills were not on point and it took me about five total hours to complete the story. I found the game to be fun, despite the frequent deaths and well worth playing through more than once.

Books of Magic #22, “Dewlling in Possibility”


Thou shalt not betray thy non magic wielding friends! Pay attention as we discuss Books of Magic, chapter 22, verses 1-25! The story of “Dwelling in Possibility” part 2.

This is the word according to the almost unknown David Barnett
As envisioned by the adequate Tom Fowler

The official plot:

“The powerful tome known as the Book of Possibilities has fallen into the hands of Tim’s schoolmate Ellie…but what will she do with it? Only one thing is certain: she doesn’t seem eager to hand it over to Tim.”

DC Comics

Pretty close…but not perfect. At no point was there a consideration of giving the Book of Possibilities to Tim. In fact, they don’t even interact.

So the book of Destiny know everything…except for what it doesn’t?

My Impressions:

  • Issue’s finest: Destiny of the Endless!
  • Finally some maturity: For once, Tim isn’t acting like a petulant brat!
  • Contemporary Artwork: Nothing stunning. Fowler did make it very easy to tell which scenes took place in each setting. Good use of panel shapes and colors.
  • It’s a grind: The dreaded slow burn of almost all Sandman adjacent books. (It’s all or none baby!)
Shadowy figures trying to affect destiny!

Notable Appearances/Events:

  • Tim hunter
  • Destiny of the Endless
  • Dead Boy Detectives

Bottom Line: 1 Star!

Let’s face it. With the exception of Sandman fans hoping for a glimpse of the Endless, no one cares about Books of Magic. It doesn’t even appear in the top 100 sales for the last few months running. I’m predicting it won’t survive the coming purge of DC titles.