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The Entropy Centre

The Entropy Centre

The Entropy Centre is a temporal puzzle game designed like a first person shooter by Playstack London on Next Gen consoles.

The Entropy Centre looks and feels like a cross between Faraday Protocol and Superliminal. Both games take you one a puzzle filled adventure where you have been abducted and have no idea where you are. Playstack London deliver a world that is beautifully rendered, seemingly void of life and full of dangers. The danger however seems to be more implied than actually dangerous.

As you navigate the facility you first pick up a temporal gun of sorts that can rewind time up to 30 seconds for any given object. Of course even that isn’t exactly right. One of the first things that you rewind time on is the collapsed ceiling of a hallway you need to take. This ceiling collapsed way more than 30 seconds prior. Based on the rules of this gun rewinding a maximum of 30 seconds should have no effect on the rubble. Ignoring the flaws in this logic though the effects are very well done. I suspect the danger has far from begun though.

Visually the game is simply stunning. The controls are simple enough to master and the puzzles are creative. Some can seem maddening but with a little creativity they aren’t too bad. With the aid of a cheerful robot guiding you the game leaves you wanting to know more.