Sunshine Manor Xbox One review

Sunshine Manor

Fossil Games have released the prequel to their hit Camp Sunshine with Sunshine Manor but is it all sunshine?

Fossil Games have returned to the world of Camp Sunshine with the prequel Sunshine Manor. Before you play as a young kid that is trick-or-treating, you are treated to the story of our antagonist and how he came to murder so many people. Not believing the tales you and two friends go to the abandoned manor and find the door opens easily. As the group explores they quickly learn they are not alone as you see a cloaked figured abduct your friends for a ritual. As the figure attempts to steal you away he is scared away and injured by a power you didn’t know you had.

Visually you are treated to some old school goodness with 8-bit graphics that look and feel more like it was made for the 16-bit classic system Sega Genesis when it was at its best. Mechanics are quite simple, allowing you to execute your powers with a single button tap. The story is captivating but at the start does feel a little too familiar as well with the celebrity selling their soul and doing everything they can to keep their power. Overall we found the game to be engaging and quite suspenseful despite its simplicity.