Frostpunk: Console Edition is the Complete Edition


In Frostpunk the world has essentially ended in a permanent winter that some believe is the end times foretold by the Vikings, but are they right?

11 Bit Studios released Frostpunk a while ago but not so long ago released the complete Console Edition which includes all available DLC and this will help bridge the story of the original game and the eventual release of the already announced sequel. The world has succumbed to what seems to be a permanent winter, some survivors believing this is Fimbulwinter- the winter before Ragnarok that brings about the end of the world. The game is split into different story arcs, each with their own pitfalls and goals.

At it’s heart the game is a city management sim where the focus is not to let your citizens perish to the cold. Where most city management games the focus is one powering all of your structures as you build the city of your dreams this is more of a rush to keep everyone warm and alive while trying to expand. The first time I played the game my “captain” was exiled because more than half of my people froze to death within ten minutes of starting. The second time as I learned the menus better was more successful and after 3 hours they were still alive. The game has great graphics but is not very stimulating for the eyes, however trying to manage everything efficiently will keep your brain going into overdrive. I found the game to be fun but not something I would find myself playing more than half an hour at a time due to the lack of overall excitement.