Phoenix Point game and DLC review

Phoenix Point

In Phoenix Point you control a squad of soldiers on a desperate mission to rid earth of the alien menace that is threatening to mutate all life.

Phoenix Point is a hybrid of game styles featuring isometric movements and third person shooting mechanics. Visually the game is stunning and the transition between play styles is fluid, making me wonder why more games haven’t tried doing this. Snapshot Games have built a dynamic turned based adventure game that centers around an alien virus that is bent on mutating all life on earth. The virus adapts and grows based on your tactics, meaning it will grow defenses to counteract how you are already playing the game. This isn’t the first game to make this but the execution of it is much more natural than most.

When you progress far enough you will unlock the Geoscape, a worldview dashboard that allows you to plan research, construction and your next missions as well. Between the Geoscape and the dynamic mutations the claim claims to never offer the exact same experience twice. I’ve now started the game twice and each stage I played has ended with this claim seems to have proven itself true, so far. Neither play through has been completed but as I alternate between save files it seems to be the case.

Darksiders Genesis is this a finale or just an installment?

Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is the fourth installment in the fan favorite Darksiders series created by Joe Mad and Airship Syndicate.

War returns to ride alongside his brother Strife in the fourth installment of the Darksiders series- Darksiders Genesis. The timeline of this franchise is a bit muddled and that was before this installment. We won’t go into much detail on this because I frequently have to get help myself to make sense of it. The first game starts during the final war between Heaven and Hell which occurred earlier than the big guy/gal upstairs planned. Darksiders Genesis takes place long before the first game, before War was stripped of his power and had to redeem himself. This is only an installment of the franchise and no where near the end of the story (promises of one last story have been hinted at that would lead us to believe that we will see one that features all Four Horsemen)!

Gameplay has been completely revamped for this isometric “shooter” and that means a new way to play War. With the new playstyle and controls I half expected to lose out on the horses but they are there for the battle as well. Even better this is the first iteration of the game that allows for two players!

The Lord of Hell himself, Lucifer, has been plotting to upset the balance and that means War and Strife are to be sent to either shut his plans down or simply to shut him down. The single player controls are fluid, allowing you to instantly switch between heroes on the fly and tear apart the demons and angels around you. Graphicly the game is gorgeous and that opening cinematic that introduces you to Strife and highlighting both the humor in the characters and the classic Joe Mad art style will not only turn heads but also make you want to play to see more. This game is a must for Isometric shooter fans or fans of the Darksiders franchise.