Mulaka the adventure game based on New Mexico


Formerly a “Games With Gold” title, is Mulaka worth your time and effort?

Mulaka is loosely based on the Tarahumara, an indigenous people found in New Mexico and a portion of the proceeds for the game go to help fund preservation projects to safeguard this legacy. Lienzo developed this game specifically to showcase the culture and locales of these people. You play a shaman that must defeat evil monsters pulled from the area’s mythology. As the game progresses you pull on powers of demigods pulled from the same mythology to make your shaman stronger in order to rid the world of evil.

The combat is surprisingly fluid as you mimic this race of extremely agile people. Visually the game looks like a neon skinned Prince of Persia from the Xbox 360. The story is a fresh change of pace in that it is mostly told visually without an overabundance of text. Controls are easy to learn without feeling simplistic. Overall I found the game to be surprisingly good. Most games that were offered from Games with Gold are ones I would consider throwaway titles that I would not play more than once but Mulaka pulled me back in on multiple counts.