Music Racer Ultimate where you are the only racer

Music Racer Ultimate

Music Racer Ultimate is a racing game about music and enjoying the drive, despite the random obstacles and some absurd vehicles.

Sometimes You has ported over another title for the current generation of consoles and this time they set their sights on Music Racer Ultimate. The focus of the game is to enjoy the drive while enjoying the music you’ve selected. Each map is modified based on the choices you’ve selected between song, gameplay style and the course theme itself. As you drive you need to collect little white bricks, they look like frets on a guitar, and doing so earns you points. These points are then spent on new vehicles and tracks and each of those unlocks nets you an achievement (on Xbox).

With most rhythm games I have a tendency to panic and hit the wrong button as notes appear but with Music Racer Ultimate it is much easier. Unlike other rhythm titles where you are penalized for missing notes in MRU you are only penalized if you crash into an obstacle. For achievement hunters this game is quite easy but time consuming to achieve the perfect Gamerscore. The easiest way to grind this out is to choose the vehicle of your choice, the track of your choice and set the mode to Zen. Doing this removes all obstacles which means double points at the end of the map and you can literally just leave your car in a single lane to collect points and do something else at the same time!

My biggest complaint about the game is the music options. You are limited only to the titles that came with the game and none of them I have heard prior to playing the game. The first song in the list seems to consistently get the most points without having to move the vehicle at all. If you are after the three star achievement I suggest doing what I suggested but on the Retro map as it is the easiest to see where the notes are ahead to capture more of them in a single turn without much effort. Overall I found the game to be enjoyable but a bit tedious with having to grind what feels like close to a million points to unlock everything.