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Neighbours Back From Hell game review

Neighbours Back From Hell

Woody is back to make Mr Rottweiler’s life miserable in the remake Neighbours Back From Hell!

Mr Rottweiler has been a thorn in Woody’s side for as long as they have been neighbors. Woody has finally had enough and has even dedicated a television show to returning the favor in Neighbours Back From Hell from THQ Nordic and Epic Games. This game is what you get when you take Kevin McCallister and put him in charge of Jackass but instead of willing friends the gags are on his asshole neighbor.

The game is spread across 25 levels, half of which are focused on specific rooms in Rottweiler’s house and make up the first two seasons. Seasons three and four focus on Rottweiler’s trips abroad. No way Woody was going to let him relax on his vacation. Just be careful because if the Neighbor catches Woody then you are in for a beating and you only get two beatings per stage before you end up losing.

The pranks themselves range from simple nuisances to deadly feats that should leave Rottweiler dead but somehow he keeps coming back for more. To use some items they require specific setups in a specific order to get the chance to use and the level gives your very little information on how to prepare for these. Thankfully for those levels there are several guides out there that will walk you through the exact process to get each coin for the level. With enough patience the game is quite easy and some of the pranks are hilarious when they work. The game makes for an easy 1000 Gamerscore and was surprisingly fun.