Hello Jacksters! One thing that ole’ Jack does is stay in his lane. For better or worse it has been something that I think more people should do. There are a lot of things to talk about on Wednesday morning including and not excluded to a presidential debate and the now updated NFL announcement to move the Steelers vs Titans game to Monday or Tuesday due to a Covid outbreak so we will be focusing on the NBA this week.

Here is my lane… With the covid-19 pandemic still in full force, it is foolish to speculate on NFL league protocols that may or may not be held up due to the unknown spread of the disease in the Titans player and personal and their potential reach of spreading infection.
When it comes to the debate, the most fun I had was to do the draft kings debate prop bets. 7/10, not bad. Jack’s takeaway… we are in for a “fun” next 4 years either way the country votes. Miss myself some BO, just miss the smoothness!

So again with the aforementioned statement… Lets talk NBA BABE!

If you followed my Darkhorse and the old GOAT post… this was predicted. But, again the credit goes to the DH. So this is the Black Mamba, Covid, Bubble 2020 NBA Championship. I will say this, kudos to you Mr Adam Silver and your NBA staff top to bottom who executed an amazing and safe way for these humans to play a sport to make us forget how much of a volatile and potentially dangerous time we are all living in. A Plan was in place to coordinate all these NBA Players, Production Teams, staff, families to protect but provide an overall fantastic viewing experience… considering the circumstances.

If you have followed sport card collecting during the time of Covid, you have seen a crazy explosion of the hobby and no more explosive then basketball cards. This is the official generational shift that all leagues experience. These players are the reason…

Luka Doncic 18-19 – This Dallas Mavericks ALL-NBA SUPERSTAR has been compared to Larry Bird… his RC’s(rookie cards) are so hot and trying to find a “decent” card that is for Under $100 is hard to come by.
Jack’s Advice- Sit on em as long as you can. If he plays like he has been, they will only go higher! He did not make it past the first round this year. Imagine the craze that will be seen if he makes the Western Conf Championship game.

Zion Williamson 19-20 – First Pick of the New Orleans Pelicans! Basically NO let All NBA Power Forward Anthony Davis go to the Lakers. I saw him in the bubble with not seeing much of the regular season(Pre-Covid), but I couldn’t believe how easily he drove the lane with this one step-left handed drive that he does. So strong, jumps out of the arena, can shoot pretty good. Breaks Sneakers with literally his down force and ability to stop and pop. Invest in any that you can get your hands on. Chronicles would be a cheap buy for $40 to potentially get 2-6 per box. Nobody complains about their low end Lebron RC’s. Just wish it was better.
Jacks Advice- It’s about entry level bulk buying IMO. You cant go wrong with selling or sitting. Love collecting players like this. My warning. I would wait until next season if you are selling your pc of Zion. We are past top $ return for base low tier RC’s. The rare ones will always have a ridiculous market. Just COMP it friends!

Ja Morant 19-20 – ROY! Memphis Grizzlies G, Ja has given us hope that guard play will continue to be dominant in the Western Conference for a long time to come. When you have a generational talent like Zion Williamson and you can make a legitimate argument to draft Ja 1st overall, confirmed by his Rookie of the Year Award his overall bad-assness.
Jacks advice- There can be two! IE 2003 NBA Draft James/Wade/Melo/Bosh. Anyone saying this guy is not going to ball or won’t hold a high level return on his cards is trying to get you to sell yours and increase his PC for cheap.

Which brings me to a overall point of this 19-20 Draft

There is an emerging star in Tyler Herro, not to mention Nunn who is on the bench and started as a rookie all year until the bubble games and that’s just Miami. So I would sit on all of these 2019-2020 rookies and see what happens when they come into year 2 with hopefully a full regular season. Draft predictions for next year are not looking strong as far as talent, so don’t hold back now. BBall collecting has been completely on its head this whole summer. I predict a sub rookie explosion on most of the non mentioned rookies.
I will leave you with this thought…

The single modern card record was broken by a Greek Freak. In advance of his playoff meltdown and subsequent questions regarding the Bucks and their plans moving forward. Breaking Brons previous record which was in tact for only 6 weeks prior to the Giannis sell. $1.812 Million was the final price. Bron’s previous record was $1.8 Mil. So basically Lebron now fully hates Giannis! But not as much as this guy hates himself. This collector back in 2014 had this card in his hand and gave it up!! (See Pic)

Every collector has their “I shouldn’t have…” story. This jerk off wins! See the bottom comment… bahahaha Tristan20 this one’s for you!
Thanks for checking out my post! Take care of yourself and others!

We did it!! NFL made it to Week 1!

NFL logo

Hello Nerds! We made it… Week one in the NFL has begun!
So here is what Ole Jack gathered from the Sunday Fun Day action.
First, Marquez Valdes-Scantling catch something… you made an amazing touchdown in the 2nd to close the half… Then drop 2 touchdowns after?
Same ole MVS if you ask me, IDC what Rodgers Says…
So while listening to few different games i did notice the audio technician for each stadium had different effects planned for different plays. Maybe they all did and I did not realize the change. I swear the best by far this weekend was New Orleans! I hear OOO’s and AHHHH’s and nobody in the stands.
I would personally love to hear a bit more jawing back and forth from the players on live TV but it was a solid attempt by the NFL to make it seem like everything is normal.
So can we just agree already about Dobbins, CEH, Lamb, Ruggs, shoot the whole 2020 rookie class is legit. I can count 15 easy Rookies that made an impact play, first down or touchdown. Amazing first week especially with the absence of a pre-season.
My Boo-Erns Player of the day… its a 3 way tie
MVS- I need you to have a big year but you are going to let me down and there is nothing i can do about it.
1st half Kirk Cousins- It was pathetic!
Dalton Shultz- You didn’t lose the game with your lackadaisical play but you sure didn’t help. Even the Cowboys deserve better then what you gave em.
It was a great start to the season, maybe not the season we needed but the season we deserve… I went Dark Knight on you.
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Ill show ya my week 1, I ain’t scared!