We did it!! NFL made it to Week 1!

We did it!! NFL made it to Week 1!

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Hello Nerds! We made it… Week one in the NFL has begun!
So here is what Ole Jack gathered from the Sunday Fun Day action.
First, Marquez Valdes-Scantling catch something… you made an amazing touchdown in the 2nd to close the half… Then drop 2 touchdowns after?
Same ole MVS if you ask me, IDC what Rodgers Says…
So while listening to few different games i did notice the audio technician for each stadium had different effects planned for different plays. Maybe they all did and I did not realize the change. I swear the best by far this weekend was New Orleans! I hear OOO’s and AHHHH’s and nobody in the stands.
I would personally love to hear a bit more jawing back and forth from the players on live TV but it was a solid attempt by the NFL to make it seem like everything is normal.
So can we just agree already about Dobbins, CEH, Lamb, Ruggs, shoot the whole 2020 rookie class is legit. I can count 15 easy Rookies that made an impact play, first down or touchdown. Amazing first week especially with the absence of a pre-season.
My Boo-Erns Player of the day… its a 3 way tie
MVS- I need you to have a big year but you are going to let me down and there is nothing i can do about it.
1st half Kirk Cousins- It was pathetic!
Dalton Shultz- You didn’t lose the game with your lackadaisical play but you sure didn’t help. Even the Cowboys deserve better then what you gave em.
It was a great start to the season, maybe not the season we needed but the season we deserve… I went Dark Knight on you.
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Ill show ya my week 1, I ain’t scared!



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