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Path of Titans

In Path of Titans you play in an open world as one of many dinosaurs like my favorites, the T-rex or the Triceratops.

Alderon Games understands that just because you are getting older you don’t lose your love for dinosaurs. They crafted an open world game where you can choose between carnivores and herbivores. In Path of Titans players start with four small dinos, two of each of the ‘vores. Of course neither are favorites but they aren’t bad either. They are some of the weaker but faster options in the game. These four dinosaurs are the only ones you will get (at this time) for free. There are multiple payment options to get new models to use. This includes packs that include them or coin purchases. We were provided a code that gave us access to the full list of dinos available to make reviewing easier/cheaper.

When playing in single player the map has animals generated to interact with (or hunt if you’re a carnivore) and multiplayer does the same but allows you to interact with other players. What else would you expect from multiplayer? Each map can have up to 200 active players in addition to the NPC creatures. Most of my time was spent in singe player and these animals were so few and far between it felt like I was wandering with nothing or no one to interact with.

The time I spent in multiplayer was not what I expected. Most games like this you usually find players that have been around longer than you dominating the map and making it difficult for newer players to get started. This was not the case. The map I was in only had about twenty players total but the veteran players were offering to place themselves as meals for the new carnivore players or to guide the new players how to ramp up their skill level quickly. I have never seen this from an open lobby in ANY game before. It was a great way to be introduced to the multiplayer version of the game. This is how I want EVERY multiplayer game to treat newer players.

Visually the attention to detail on both the dinos and world itself far exceeded my expectations. My only real complaint with the game is the lack of player base. The maps are simply too large with too few players in them (at least the ones I played). Controls are intuitive and work well with the characters. Even better is that the game is continuing to be updated with new models regularly. Despite the inactive server I have to admit I not only had a great time playing but my daughter (who is obsessed with dinosaurs) enjoyed watching and playing as well.