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This War of Mine Final Cut

This War of Mine

11 Bit Studios returns to publish the Final Cut of This War of Mine and it includes every previous piece of content the game had to offer!

11 Bit Studios reminds players that in war not everyone is a soldier or warrior. This reminder is the basis of This War of Mine. You take as one of several civilians having to carve out a living and more importantly to survive. Each day you can send your survivor(s) on missions for supplies. Likewise other survivors can be sent to your base of operations and steal your hard earned items. When I played it was so frustrating to have things stolen. Of course I had no issues doing it to characters in game, so what goes around comes around.

The game play is not meant to allow you to win using brute force like many titles. Instead you have to carefully plan your outings and don’t let yourself get greedy. That killed more characters of mine than I care to admit. While the crafting and leveling systems can be tedious I found the game enjoyable. This is a take on war that more games should explore and simply don’t. Visually the game isn’t the most detailed but the story and experience are well worth it.