Swordship a highspeed delivery game


Swordship is a high speed boat ride that will push your reflexes and driving skills to the max. Do you have what it takes to deliver the goods?

The world has essentially ended, polar ice caps have melted and almost the entire world has been flooded in Swordship from Thunderful Games. The areas that aren’t flooded are barren wasteland and megacities have been build below the surface of the water. This game is centered around threats showing up to try to kill you and prevent you from collecting containers that you are trying to deliver to outcast groups. Each container can be traded to those groups for a higher score or used to unlock abilities and give you an extra life.

During gameplay the graphics are quite simple using mostly three dimensional geometric shapes for many of the enemies. You don’t have any real weapons so speed and quick reflexes will be your saving grace. Technically this isn’t a bullet hell game but sure as hell feels like it at times. The game can get truly nuts at times but the challenge of the stages leaves you wanting to keep trying it until you complete the level. My only real complaint with the game is the level up system. When you earn your first 500 points you gain a level, the next 500 is another level. That’s pretty standard. What’s not is the fact that if you die and have to start over your next level in that life will be 1000 points. This means you must be really good to get to higher levels. Despite this I found the game to be a ton of fun and more challenging than I expected.