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Wildcat Gun Machine

Wildcat Gun Machine

Chunkybox and Daedalic Games bring us Wildcat Gun Machine, an isometric bullet hell full of extra lives and mutated flesh monsters.

Who here likes body horror themed monsters trying to kill you? If real life the answer would hopefully be no one, but in a game I know a few people at least. What about cats? Who here likes cats? My family loves them, the internet loves them which likely means most people at least like them. What would you say if you could play a game that featured both? If you asked me these same questions I’d have thought it was a weird basis for a game. Wildcat Gun Machine somehow does it and does it WELL!

Players take control of a gun wielding, badass that respawns on death thanks to her ghostly kitties. Collecting bones from your foes can be redeemed for even MORE kitties! Spectral kittens are not the only prize you can purchase using this grisly currency, you can buy guns too! As you explore you find other guns and even keycards that unlock further paths. Each level has a single monster boss comprising of some sort of bastardization of technology, biology and a crap load of projectiles.

Regular readers will know about my one hour minimum rule being played before I write about my experience. Last I checked I have easily spent six or seven hours in the game. With its fluid controls, high speed action, gorgeous yet revolting visuals and addicting gameplay, you won’t realize how much time you’ve spent in game telling yourself “just one more room to clear and I’ll go to sleep”. This game is hard as hell but when you defeat that boss it makes it all the more satisfying. I plan on playing this one to the end and am looking forward to it. I suggest you jump on for the ride.