Mushroom Wars 2 makes its way to consoles!

Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 has finally arrived on consoles, over three years after it’s initial release!

The mushroom kingdoms are at war and this time it isn’t between Mario and Bowser/Koopa. No, it’s not between Luigi and a bunch of ghosts either. This is a true war. Thousands of mushroom soldiers marching to battle. Lead by a mushroom themed general, these soldiers fight for their homes and for the sake of glory. Zillion Whales brings us Mushroom Wars 2 which has a unique take on the traditional RTS gameplay that was made famous by games like Warcraft and Starcraft. Your armies pour across the battlefield and each body ticks a point off of each structure it takes until the building becomes yours.

The pace of the game gets hectic quite fast as wave after wave of green mushrooms move across the screen you must think and react quickly. The tutorial takes it’s time with you to teach new tactics but they don’t pull their punches as soon as you learn new ways to kill the green mushrooms. I found the game to be simple but very enjoyable and looks even better on consoles than it did on computer.