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Go Go Pogo Girl

Go Go Pogo Girl

Ohsat Games has released their love letter to 90’s platformers with Go Go Pogo Girl, a game about a girl and her stolen pogo!

Ohsat Games is a company I never heard of until I played this game. Their entire catalogue looks like games that would have been made for the consoles of the 90’s and Go Go Pogo Girl is no exception. The world around our pogo jumping hero looks very similar to the original Green Hill Zone in the first Sonic the Hedgehog but will a more limited color pallet. The enemies are mostly little blobs that run around or jump in your path. The game is very forgiving when getting injured, allowing the younger crowd to play the game without fear of a game over.

The story follows our hero as her prized pogo is stolen from the trophy case while she sleeps. This begins her journey to reclaim the toy, collecting gems along the way. The controls are simple and intuitive as is the story. The graphics are smooth despite the retro nature of the graphics. I found the game to not only be enjoyable but loved the fact that it was so easy to play that my youngest would be able to enjoy it.

Risen game review


THQ Nordic’s hit Roleplaying Game Risen has returned on the latest consoles and it has been remastered!

A classic RolePlaying Game from THQ Nordic has returned and not only remastered but it has been divided to allow more control over your character’s fate! Risen starts with you stowing away on board a ship of Inquisitors and are shipwrecked on a mysterious island. Recent quakes have pulled ancient temples to the surface world and unleashed monsters on the island’s populace. A hero is needed and you need work. More importantly you need to not become a slave of the Inquisitors. Sounds like a cheerful place.

Graphically the game may be remastered but I feel like the label may not be quite right. Typically remastered games are major improvements on the original but this still looks like it did originally. Porting a game over does not make it “remastered”. Combat feels a little slow and cumbersome and the controller tutorials don’t do much to actually teach you how to play until you’ve already figured out most of the controls. Story is slow paced but feels like it has some deep bones as you continue to play. If you were a fan of the original this may be worth diving into again but for new players to the franchise I’d advise to save your money on this one.

Trenches game review


It’s World War One and you are a soldier stuck behind enemy lines in what appears to be an abandoned trench. Can you survive the experience in Trenches from Steelkrill Studio?

Steelkrill Studio shared their indie game Trenches with us and they exceeded our expectations. The game follows you wandering through a seemingly abandoned trench behind enemy lines during World War One. When I was first asked if I was interested in trying the game the single image I saw didn’t look too exciting but the description had me interested in giving it a shot. Graphically it meets the expectations of most indie titles but doesn’t have that crisp look of most next gen titles.

The controls are quite simple early on, basic mechanics feel very natural with walking, crouching or interacting with things. Just be warned there are some things that SHOULD NOT be interacted with. As you wander the trenches you stumble on some photos with message scrawled on the backs or letters regarding something happening to the troops.

The audio on this game is where it really excels. I highly recommend playing this in the dark with the sound turned up. With the audio and map virtually empty of other people, the game is simply unnerving. It feels like the original Silent Hill games but with out the guy with pyramid helmet chasing you or the bandage faced nurses.

Spongebob Squarepants The Cosmic Shake

The Cosmic Shake

With the purchase of some magical mermaid tears Spongebob and his friends go on a wild ride in THQ Nordic’s The Cosmic Shake!

THQ Nordic has shared their latest Spongebob Squarepants game– The Cosmic Shake with us for the Xbox One Series X. For each game review I play a minimum of one hour, this game got four. Fans of the show will enjoy the fact that it features the ENITRE original cast and you can hear it. The team behind this game not only took the time to get the cast but they crafted a gorgeous game. This is one of the cleanest and highest quality animated games I have seen. Seriously.

The story begins with Spongebob and Patrick on their way to Glove World but visit a traveling merchant along the way where they purchase magical mermaid tears. These tears are used like a bubble solution where Spongebob makes wishes on bubbles he blows shaped like each of his friends. Suddenly the world goes bonkers and Patrick gets turned into a balloon. These mermaids tears very much seem like a monkey’s paw because each of the wishes are twisted.

The game is a 3d platformer full of enemies to slap and jellyfish to catch. Controls are simple to learn and master but on occasion some of the abilities don’t always register with holding the button, specifically this is referring to the glide controls. The good news here though is the game is very forgiving, allowing you to easily replenish your health if you make a mistake because of this. From a control, graphics and gameplay standpoint this is a fantastic game but for me I am simply not a fan of Spongebob. I have never seen an episode I found to be entertaining and most of the characters annoy me. Because of this it was hard to find the game enjoyable over all but when they aren’t talking it is much easier to look past that.

CATCHING UP ON MOVIES- Disney Studios pt10

Disney Studios


Recently the fine folks at Disney Studios (their home page is here) had sent me codes to several of the movies I missed so that I could share my thoughts on them with you. With Part 1 we were taking a look at the live action version of Mulan. Part 2 discussed Soul and Raya and the Last Dragon. Part 3 looked at the live action story of Cruella. Part 4 discussed Luca and Part 5 talked about Jungle Cruise. Part 6 discussed Encanto and Part 7 talked about Turning Red. Part 8 covered Lightyear and Part 9 with Strange World. Part 10 is here to talk about Mickey & Minnie 10 Classic Shorts – Volume 1!

Mickey & Minnie 10 Classic Shorts – Volume 1

Presented as Mickey & Minnie reviewing images from a scrapbook that showcases ten of their classic animated shorts. Most include both characters but others include one or the other. Having watched most of these previously I wasn’t expecting much from them but it had literally been decades since I had seen them. Watching them again I realized so much has changed about what is acceptable for the animated shows we let our children watch. Specifically the use of tobacco products and some cultural insensitivity when Mickey poses as a Native American. Considering how old some of these shorts were though it was quite impressive to see what Walt had created and achieved with these and personally felt the Figaro themed shorts were not only the best but the mannerisms of the cat were captured perfectly. Despite the social issues these shorts were simply fun and plan on watching them again with my youngest.

Have you had a chance to see this release from Disney Studios?

CATCHING UP WITH Marvel Entertainment PART 6



Recently the fine folks at Marvel Entertainment (their home page is here) had sent me a code to one of the movies I missed so that I could share my thoughts on it with you. This will be a regular series and Part 1 we talked about Black Widow. Part 2 discussed Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Part 3 shared our thoughts on Eternals and straight to DVD release Spidey and his Amazing Friends. Part 4 focused on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Part 5 discussed Thor: Love and Thunder. We have returned with Part 6 for Black Panther Wakanda Forever.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Filming had started after the passing of Chadwick Boseman and required some drastic changes to the original story. What we have left is the results of this pivot. The film starts with Shuri trying to recreate the heart-shaped herb as a way to try to save her brother from a mysterious disease and ultimately fails. I was expecting a CGI version of Chadwick for at least the start of the film but the studio decided against that. Overall I thought the story was great considering the fact that this is not the original planned story and leaves me wondering what could have been. Even with this hanging over the film the story was great and the performance of the cast was absolutely stellar especially from Leticia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett and newcomer Tenoch Huerta.

Have you had a chance to see this film from Marvel Entertainment? If not it can currently be seen in Disney+ as well as purchased from your favorite distributer (releasing February 7th).