35mm ~ the game not the camera type

35mm ~ the game not the camera type


35mm is a survival horror game centered around two travelers and taking photographs in a Post-Apocalyptic Russia.

Sometimes You has ported over Sergey Noskov’s game 35mm to the current generation of consoles. The world has been ravaged by an epidemic that crippled most of the infrastructure throughout and the timing of this rerelease feels almost prophetic considering we are still coping with our own global pandemic these days. As you and your partner navigate the new landscape you will find abandoned settlements, homes, cities and will need to escape the dangers of this new world, the first of which is a massive bear.

At nearly any point you can pause time and use your trusty 35mm camera and the mechanics of which feel incredibly accurate. You can adjust the focal length, depth of field and exposure, all to make sure you capture the perfect vision of your target. The story is mostly delivered through discussion with your companion and he walks incredibly slow. The plus side is you can still hear the conversation as the companion continues the defined path while you explore the surrounding area. The ambiance in the woods can be a bit off-putting as everything is a bit muted and some parts seem completely void of life.

Going into the game I had no idea this was a survival horror title but when I stumbled on an abandoned cabin I learned quickly. There weren’t grotesque scenes of butchered bodies or anything like that but something about it was extremely eerie. Overall pacing of the game is quite slow but it left me with feelings of anxiety and trepidation as I explored, realizing quickly that the wrong turn or the wrong step could be my last. Once you outrun the bear, or fail to a couple times like I did, you learn to be more cautious pretty early. For survival horror fans I can honestly say this game is worth picking up even though the graphics have not been updated for newer consoles.

Jake Combs

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