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Life of Delta

Airo Games and Daedelic Entertainment are the team behind Life of Delta, a post-apocalyptic tale of a robot searching for his surrogate father.

Airo Games designed Life of Delta and Daedalic Entertainment published. The story focuses on a robot, Delta, who was scheduled for decommissioning but was saved before he was destroyed. He was saved by a robot that then treated him like his son, but the fairytale doesn’t last as the father is taken. The abductors took him in hopes of finding the robot main character, never realizing you were hiding in a cabinet near the door where they were standing.

Once the captors have left, you crawl out of your hiding spot and start your quest to find him. First though is to recharge. There are multiple puzzles at the start with very littler instruction. The complexity of them, like using the radio waves to determine the combination of the lock, were quite ingenious. The game was surprisingly light in terms of a tutorial and that honestly made the puzzles much more rewarding. You and your character are discovering this world together and like the real world, it is void of instructions. The fact that all of the puzzles require some actual thought to figure out instead of just giving you the answers make finding the solution so much more rewarding.

The art style is a beautiful blend of robotics and nature as it grows over the world that was. Controls are quite simple as a point and click adventure but on consoles the pointer lacks the finesse of a mouse. Hitting the exact button or item on the screen can be quite frustrating because of this. The story was intriguing but not enough to make the clunky controls worth the effort. Overall I would love to spend more time exploring the world itself but the controls made this a hard pass.