Detective Comics #1026, “Monsters of Men”

Detective Comics #1026, “Monsters of Men”

Detective Comics

Woe to he that walks too close to a storm drain in Gotham City! Listen carefully to our discussion of Detective Comics, chapter 1026, verses 1-32! “Monsters of Men”

The word, though not as good as other issues of Detective Comics, according to Peter J. Tomasi
As envisioned by the, trying to hard, Kenneth Rocafort

The official plot:

“As “The Joker War” rages on, the casualties are mounting, and the underground residents of Gotham City must deal with the devastating effects of the Joker toxin that’s been pumped into the old city’s tunnel system. Batman must risk everything to guide them to safety, but a familiar face has mobilized these forgotten souls to rise up in anger…and Killer Croc takes no prisoners!”

DC Comics

Not exactly. It’s less guiding them “to safety” and more incapacitating and imprisoning them. As to Killer Croc taking no prisoners…slight fib, they are willing participants.

Detective Comics
Behold! The king under the sewer!

My Impressions:

  • The Good: … He’s Batman? I guess…
  • The Not-so-Good: Definite filler issue that feels very quickly thrown together.
  • Contemporary Artwork: Bleck! Everything is too skinny, squashed or otherwise malformed. This was not a joy to behold.
  • Palette: Can we lose the brown please? The whole issue just looks dirty.
Detective Comics
Who needs to fight the Joker War? Let’s go pick on Killer Croc’s team instead.

Notable Appearances/Events:

  • Batman (Bruce Wayne)
  • Killer Croc (Waylon Jones)
  • Ratty Riz (1st appearance)
  • Hardback (1st appearance)
  • Gup (1st appearance)
  • Ally (1st appearance)
  • Garter (1st appearance)
  • Bandit (1st appearance)
  • Joker War Tie -In

Bottom Line: 1 Star!

This issue is for fanboys and dedicated collectors only! Detective Comics was in my top 4, unfortunately this issue really damaged our relationship! I honestly feel like this story has been sitting in a drawer for ages. A small dialogue change to incorporate the otherwise missing Joker War and BAM! deadline met. Come on DC, you can do better!



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