Foreclosed – a cyberpunk game review

Foreclosed – a cyberpunk game review


Foreclosed, from Merge Games Ltd, is a cyberpunk game that feels like a living comicbook.

In the Merge Games’ title, Foreclosed, the world is more advanced than what we currently experience but some of the same pitfalls remain. The biggest pitfall being falling in debt further than you can afford. It’s easy to do in the real world but in Foreclosed you are already starting at this point. Through your own cybernetics you attend the court hearing for your debt as soon as you start the game. You learn that your debt has been purchased by a corporation and as you leave your apartment you learn there is more going on than just the settlement of your debt. Corporate thugs are trying to kill you and your debt is causing paths to be blocked from you. You learn that some software has been installed in your cybernetics and they want it.

Graphically it is not the most gorgeous game but the art style is original and works very well for the game. The story is quite intriguing and draws you in immediately. Controls are easy to learn and gameplay is both forgiving and yet unforgiving- turning down the wrong path leads to instant death but you respawn nearby and can try a different path. The game so far is quite engaging and sucks you in. I am really looking forward to investing more time into this game.

Jake Combs


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