Hell Pie a game of fiendish desserts

Hell Pie a game of fiendish desserts

Hell Pie

In Hell Pie players swing a cherup connected to a chain to bash your way through the living world towards making Satan’s pie.

Working as a demon in hell is not as glamourous as one might think but a misdial of the phone by Satan leads to an adventure in search of ingredients for a pie. Not just any pie but a Hell Pie. Sluggerfly brings us this crazy title where you use a chained cherub to smash your way to victory. You play as Nate, the demon of bad taste and that’s not just a title. Look at some of his cosmetic options, Nate is in serious need of a fashion designer, of course this is hell so it’s safe to assume bad taste is more the status quo.

Once receiving a call from the lord of hell himself you are instructed to get the chef to make his pie immediately. Soon after you find the chef and reminding him of his duties he sends you out for ingredients.

Graphically the game looks closer to previous generation’s quality, i.e. Xbox 360/PS3. Controls are smooth and abilities can be unlocked to further propel yourself and the cherub through the maps. Overall the game is chaotic but was a ton of fun, I’m looking forward to my next adventure through the world to complete this pie.

Jake Combs

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