Hellpoint brings Hell to the Scifi genre

Hellpoint brings Hell to the Scifi genre


Sure other games have brought various hellscapes to the science fiction genre but Hellpoint does it a bit differently.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. A corporation bent (might even say hell-bent) on evil shenanigans ruin the world by bringing a new form of hell to Earth. This time literally bringing hell to the Irid Novo space colony. Hellpoint aims to do just that. Before we jump in fully here are a few notable hellscape/scifi titles to consider playing as well- Dead Space 1-3 and Doom franchise. To begin with as far as similar titles go this is some amazing company to keep, but how did Cradle Games‘ Hellpoint fare?

To say this is on par with the previously mentioned franchises would be a gross overstatement but also an oversimplification. Doom revolutionized the First Person Shooter genre where Dead Space did the same for the Third Person Shooter. The world looks and feels very similar to that of Dead Space complete with stunning visuals and creepy ambiance. Instead of just managing your weapon and suit loadouts Hellpoint has you manage so much more. For starters I only ever encountered melee weapons where Dead Space focuses more on ranged weapons.

Players take control of their demon-like creature carving your way through Irid Novo. Along the way you pick up weapons, items and armor, all in the hopes of making your character strong enough to take on the gods themselves. Here are the main highlights and downsides to the game:

  • The visuals are stunning and horrifying.
  • Controls are solid and easy to master.
  • Abilities come off dynamic and work well with the environment.
  • The story is practically nonexistent after the into cinematic finishes for the first couple hours of the game.

In summary the game feels and looks like the unholy offspring of Dark Souls and Dead Space. The lack of story elements at the start of the game are a bit troubling and hard to engage with. If you’re looking for a straight up hack and slash title this game is for you but if story is your thing from start to finish this will be a hard pass.

Jake Combs

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